The drum set belongs to the studio. I brought my own cymbals including Hi-Hats.  I also brought my own vintage 1920's solid Mahogany Leedy snare drum along with the classic Ludwig Speed-King bass drum pedal.

This session was photographed at "Fast Lane" Studios.  Formerly, "Sink the Pink" Studios, located in Brooklyn at 1860 Flatbush Avenue, 718-338-6610.

I use this studio a lot and It's great for those of us who need to practice and work out tunes by themselves.  The rooms have many amenities.  A "Pumped-In" PA for music you can play from your CD's or Cassette with Monitors by the drums, makes it real easy to play along with pre-recorded music.

My girlfriend Karen shot digital the pictures for this site.  I also ran a Sony analog Video Cam for the entire session.

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I blocked out four hours rehearsal time in studio B (from 11:00am till 3:00 pm.)

Great room. Very big and comfortable. A/C'd, Strong PA system with monitors by the drums and the option to record your session directly to tape.

As a matter of fact, all the rooms are equipped the same way.  The only difference would be size and a different mixture of amps and PA system.

Drums too are different in each room however, all equipped and in good condition.

The skins are usually in good to fare condition.  If a skin is bad they have extra on hand.

As far as the drums go, Specifically, the sets are kept decently.  All hardware is always operative with a good back up of pedals and plenty of stands.  There are extra cymbals available too.

It only cost me, at the time of this printing, $10 an hour if you are a drummer (musician) playing alone.  But don't expect to get Prime-Time bookings, that's for the bands.  The studio makes it's money with more people, obviously...

I prefer playing during off peak hours anyway.

I always book Saturday mornings into the afternoon.  They usually open at 11:00 am give or take a few minutes.  They're usually very good with opening up on time.

Sometimes someone from the staff might stay over if they close late or are recording a band into the late hours of the night.

It's really convenient for me, I only live a few miles away.  Parking is usually not a problem if you get there early like I do.

The staff is really nice, knowledgeable, very helpful and courteous.  They also have recording facilities.

Because I am directly affiliated with a recording studio, I personally recommend Purple Light Studios if you want an incredible sound at an honest rate.

They're located at 426 Third Avenue in Brooklyn, The Number there is 852-3241, Ask for Michael or Francine.

At this session here at Fast Lane Studios, I played a block of Buddy Rich tunes.  I mix it up from various albums from the early Fifties, Sixties and Seventies.  I also play a real neat Count Basie tune.  I threw in a solo or two during the day to mix it up and keep it interesting for me.

After the Buddy Rich tunes I jumped into Classic Rock, at the request of my girlfriend, Karen.

I played Elton John, Grey Seal, Candle in the wind and a block of Genesis tunes from Foxtrot and Nursery Cryme.

Well that's about it for now, O'h if you want you can check out my drum site it's at

There some cool photos of me along with shots of my many vintage snare drums and some Buddy Rich stuff.

I also have Real Audio Clips and Real Media Video Clips of me playing various Buddy Tunes and Solos.

Hope you enjoy!

I like to thank Karen for doing a great job capturing the moments of that day.  It was her first time shooting with my Olympus Camedia E-10 Digital Camera.