Autumn Day
By: Barry Bangemout®

Copyright © 2008



Flowered gardens follow painted trees, and it seems unreal, and we’re so at ease.


See the sun shining through the leaves, where the air is cool, it’s an autumn breeze.


Journey’s through color coded paths chosen by ourselves from a map or graph.


Rocky roads made of dirt and stone, lead us to and fro, as we walk alone.


Singing songbirds sing their songs, and I love to hear them and I sing along.


Yeah, Yeah (2x)




Simple pleasures always rule supreme, like the skies above; yes it’s all a dream.


Blues & browns & the reds & greens, Mother Nature shows us how she spreads her wings.


Hidden treasures all along the way, like the lake we found here that autumn day.


Feeding ponds of the ducks and swans, as the geese fly by; there’s love in our eyes.


Yeah, yeah (2x)






Now the end of a perfect day, as we make our way back the other way.


Looking back at a simpler time, when all the roads were just trees of pine.


One thing though I can truly say we’ll be back again some autumn day.


Yeah, yeah (4x)