By: Barry Bangemout®

Copyright © 2011



In this world we live in,

With all the pain we suffer within,

Deception comes don't give in,

Stay away and just forgive them.



The love is hate yeah we've learned in,

Our schools and jobs there we begin,

Deception comes and falls in,

The lives we lead we've been in,

Places to where we fell in,

To places and people we believed in,

It's all a part of deception.



Don't be fooled just rely in,

Your gut instinct and begin in,

Believing in yourself not just to beat them,

but to save the world from their sin.



Remember it's all part of the "Great Deception",

To crush your dreams from within,

Don't let them win just show them,

That love is life in which you confide in !