By: Barry Bangemoutģ

Copyright © 2011


Verse 1:

One day at work I found out something was wrong,

They sat me down, made me sign the page, now Iím writing this song,

Been threatened before, so I got up and I opened the door,

Walked away headed down the hall but thatís not all, yes thereís more.


Verse 2:

Blindsided, caught off guard, this swung me around,

Never heard a word, never spoke, never made a sound,

Left the floor, went for help, but then they all turned me down,

I cried and pleaded, but they just donít care, and they kicked me down, to the ground.



How could they do this?

Iím gonna beat this!

Just get me through this!

I can see the light,

Love is by my side,

All of this in vain,

No more cause for pain.


Verse 3:

Now I feel the days have just begun,

In the ways of the rising Sun,

Shadows fade to the falling moon,

Keep the faith or weíre all be doomed,

Battle the evil until youíve won, until youíve won, then youíre done!



Now that Iím through this,

It all seemed foolish,

Truth is my true wish,


I just gave it time,

Now Iím feeling fine,

Keeping up the pace,

Helped me keep my faith (x2)