Lost & Found
By Barry Bangemout®

Copyright ©2008




I see you everywhere, I see you running around,

You go from place to place; you go from town to town,

You’re always moving so fast; you never could slow down,

You always pass me by; I’m here in the lost & found.

Lost and found.



Last night I saw you there; so gorgeous in your gown,

Never said a word; you never made a sound,

I watched you all night long your smile was in a frown,

A sea of heartbreak, in an ocean while you drown,

You drown.



When I close my eyes I dream of you; I see you here with me,

Seagulls flying overhead, the sun, the beach, the sea,

Lying on our blankets; where we catch the summer breeze,

Being here is beautiful; our lives are so at ease,

Yeah, Yeah.



Now I realize that life might pass me by,

Can afford to run away, to run away or hide,

When all I want is you right here; right by my side,

My heart will be with you until the end of time.

End of time.