From the artist's perspective


This song was written because of a terrible injustice levied upon me at work.  This unfortunately is all too common these day's, in the work place amongst co-workers, especially with all the budget cuts and impending layoffs.

Generally speaking, I'd like to characterize myself as an optimist, but when you get caught up in the rat race for so many years, you can't help to feel pessimistic and denigrated.

In the end though, truth be told, everyone gets their justice in the end, but for now, an injustice has been served upon me in a disgraceful and despicable way.

Like everything else in life we've learned we must always move on, and so too this will pass and I will move on hopefully to a better place in life

On a technical note, this was my first attempt in applying a "hammering" technique and used the "wammy" or "tremolo" bar for effect during the lead portion of the song. That was a lot of fun!