Technical Note:


Just so you know, I am not technically a guitar player. I barely know 5 basic chords in total. Luckily enough I was able to make all these songs just using those chords! Who knew!

I want to thank my very good friend Sebastian Thomas, a former band mate an extraordinary friend and bass player, who taught me these few beginner chords (A,C,D,G and E including a few bar chords).

I would like to also thank my dear friend John Simone, a former band mate, who showed me that playing lead was all emotion, as he had wonderfully demonstrated time and time again on every tune we created together. He could "Cry you a song (lead)".

Still to this day, on every song that I play lead on, I typically have no idea what I'm doing, technically or otherwise. I only know the sound and the tone of the notes I want that's in my head. It just takes me some time to find it and transfer them to the fret board.


I've been playing bass for over 25 years and yet I still don't know a single note other than the names of the open stings! I have audio and video of me playing (imitating) note for note over 20 YES songs and mostly all of The Beatles tunes as well. I also can play any classic rock band out there with very little exceptions.

To this I owe it all to two wonderful people. The first is my dear friend and former band mate, Mark "Sweeny" Jackson, who gave me a used no-name bass to play with to get me started.

From there my dear friend Rob Digiaro, and former band mate, taught me how to layout ALL my fingers to play properly, prior to which I was only using three fingers. Once he showed me the correct way to use my pinky, the world just opened up. That's when I started learning and playing Beatles and YES.

Rob's favorite band is YES. So to pay homage to him I started learning the YES materials, but I was struggling during the first few years, until I read an article where Chris Squire, YES's bass player, stated that one of his favorite bass players was Paul McCartney from The Beatles. That's when I really started to grind into learning Paul's bass playing technique. From there, once I knew 90% of every Beatle song, I was able to tackle the YES tunes. Once I accomplished that, I was able to learn just about any tune just by ear!

Here's the link below to most of this:


I also owe all my recording experience to SweetFire Studios owner Michael Barile, formally of Purple Light Studios, with whom I have worked very closely with for close to ten years. He is also a very close and dear friend (Francine too) as we worked with numerous established producers and artists as well as being band mates on several projects together.


Vocally, I've always did back up vocals with all the bands I was in. Unfortunately, I do not possess or have the ability to sing lead, however, I did the best I could in the tunes provided on my CD's. My self three and four part harmonies cover up the nasal blandness of my true voice. For this I owe it all to The Beatles, this is where I first started to understand the virtue of vocal harmonies.


Technically speaking, it begins and ends with Buddy Rich. Although I have to say, way before I knew the name Buddy Rich, I studied and mastered the techniques and styles of drummers like Carl Palmer (my first true mentor), Ian Paice, John Bonham, Keith Moon...

The list goes on immensely as I could name at least 50 other drummers, from bands throughout the 60's and 70's of every genre of musical style that I've mastered over the years, molding me into the drummer you all know today.

Thank you all !

All my love,

Barry :)