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Click here for my debut CD release
  "My First Time" 
A compilation of original songs!

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This is where all my videos are.
Drum Solos, Classic Copy Series (Drums & Bass)
Original Music (Solo and Collaborated)
and much, much more!


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Solo Sample 1  Solo Sample 2

Solo Sample 3  Solo Sample 4

Solo Sample 5  Solo Sample 6

Solo Sample 7  Solo Sample 8 

Intro-Cubana Chant
Away We Go  Chicago

       Ya Gotta Try  Tales of Rhoda Rat

            Come Back To Me

Picture Gallery

Click here to see
studio shots of me playing!

Click here for more studio shots

Click here for my current Snare Drum collection 1-2!

Click here for my current Snare Drum collection 2-2!

Check out some more photos below:

This is a Caricature drawing of me
webpic5.jpg (60899 bytes)

Here is an artists rendition of me, painted on glass

(By Al Blanding Jr.)

Here are a set of personal drawings of Buddy
done by his personal artist whom I sat with at the Bottom Line

Steve Lowery

Here are the tickets from that night

March 3, 1984
Thank you Jakki...

Here are some old pictures I found...

     My Rock Days            My Heyday        My Dog Sheba (RIP)
webpic6.jpg (53894 bytes)          webpic7.jpg (53072 bytes)         webpic8.jpg (29765 bytes)

A Very Sad Day In Drumming History

webpic9.jpg (67260 bytes)

April 2, 1987

Here is the famous Buddy vs. Ludwig poster


A nice little novelty drum set in a tiny case
webpic12.jpg (52765 bytes)

Purchased in the World Trade Center!

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